Anatomy Redefined: Gong Meditation

Celebrate National Mediation Month at Anatomy Redefined with Gong Meditation

May is National Meditation Month, which makes it a great time to check out some new, meditation-based health trends.  With an emphasis on the mind-body connection, Anatomy Redefined strives to bring together serious workouts and stress-reducing sound therapy.  The studio offers classes that blend pilates and yoga movement as well as combo pilates and sound meditation sessions.  For clients looking for one-on-one health instruction, there are private pilates and sound therapy sessions.  Lectures and workshops hosted at Anatomy redefined teach new wellness techniques and theories.

While sound meditation has taken off in cities like New York and Los Angeles, Anatomy Redefined is the first studio to offer this unique experience in Chicago.  Geared towards working professionals who spend their days in high-stress environments, sessions end with sound therapy to leave the mind calmed after energizing the body.  If you find mediation intimidating and want to lower your anxiety level at the end of the day, head over to the West Loop.  Perhaps gong meditation is right for you!

Anatomy Redefined is in the West Loop at 1241 W. Madison St.

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