Shakespeare in Love 4.15.17


Shakespeare in Love at Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier

Shakespeare in Love, a modern romantic comedy written for the screen, will soon play on the perfect stage.  Chicago Shakespeare Theater is taking a break from telling the bard’s stories and is telling the story of the bard.  Lee Hall has adapted the screenplay for stage performance, and Nick Rehberger and Kate McGonigle star as William Shakespeare and Viola de Lesseps.

The plot of this drama involves enough secrecy, romance, and cross-dressing that Shakespeare himself could have written it.  As William struggles with his latest play, a young woman by the name of Viola dreams of performing onstage.  Because of strict rules against women participating in theater, Viola disguises herself as a man to attend an audition.  While playing the lead in one of William’s plays, Viola becomes his muse and wins his heart.  Their love affair inspires one of Shakespeare’s most iconic tales: Romeo and Juliet.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of Hamlet or Macbeth, check out Shakespeare in Love.  This isn’t a story you read in a high school English class.

When: April 15-June 11, 2017

Where: Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier (800 E. Grand Ave.)

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