A Floating Resort is Coming to Lake Michigan


A New Way to Party on Lake Michigan: The Breakwater Floating Resort

Imagine this: looking out over the waters of Lake Michigan from one of Chicago’s fabulous beaches, you catch a glimpse of what looks like a sparkling white island.  As you look closer, however, you realize what you see is neither mirage nor landmass.  Nor is it your typical party barge, with its huge swimming pool and several restaurants.  This is something new–a floating resort right in the middle of the lake.

Breakwater Chicago has announced its plans for a new source of daytime summer entertainment with its floating resort.  Docks will host guest’s boats while they enjoy the amenities of the resort.  A water taxi service will provide transportation to guests who don’t have their own boat.  Because of the city’s climate, Breakwater will primarily operate in the summer, though its creators have expressed a desire to use the resort for wintertime entertaining as well.  Breakwater’s plans are also environmentally conscious.  The hope is that the resort’s design will allow it to become a part of Lake Michigan’s ecosystem and not disrupt the ecology of the lake.

As of yet there is no official arrival date for the resort.  Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to Breakwater’s innovative approach to entertainment.  After all, what says summer in Chicago better than a party on the water with a  view of the skyline?

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