Chicago Silent Garden

silent garden

Chicago Silent Garden

Urban Fete’s has devised the perfect setting to drive home this summer’s silent party craze.   Enter Chicago Silent Garden, where the music will be pumping outdoors, but you won’t be able to hear it unless you’re plugged into a pair of headphones.  As three DJs spin tunes at Chicago’s historic, Willie Dixon’s Blues Heaven Foundation (former recording studio of Chess Records), the music only exists in each dancer’s ears—making it a uniquely connected experience for everyone in attendance.  Join Urban Fete’s on Friday, August 26th and be one of the first to experience our most explosive silent party yet!

Silent parties have been taking the youth of the nation by storm.  They’re popular in that every attendee can choose which genre of music they prefer, with live DJs spinning each channel.  It’s a unique experience to be part of a huge party that makes virtually no noise.  Chicago Silent Garden will be a first of its kind, and guaranteed to be a raging success.

Friday, August 26, 2016

6 – 11 PM

Blues Heaven Foundation (2120 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL)