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A sit down with Saavy Seetings owner, Demetrius Robinson.

Most people seem to think that when we refer to style that we are only speaking of one’s wardrobe, forgetting that personal style covers a varying spectrum.  SummertimeCHI had a chance to interview Demetrius Robinson, 25, of the Roseland neighborhood here in Chicago, whose personal style speaks volumes.  Demetrius, owner of Savvy Settings, is well known for his savvy home décor.  Demetrius attended Percy L. Julian High School and graduated class of 09’.  Immediately upon graduation Demetrius knew that going away to college was not the lifestyle for him.  He understood that the traditional path (high school then college) was not conducive to his independent mindset which ultimately lead him to the world of entrepreneurship.  He describes his sense of independence as avoiding the monotonous and sometimes uninspiring habits associated with being a “worker bee.”  A few years out of high school and he is now a self-taught photographer, specialty coffee lover, fashion enthusiast and self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur.

In January 2015, Demetrius purchased a web domain and website with only 50 bucks.  Intended to sell services at that time, Savvy Settings Home launched.  Self-taught and contrary to its humble beginnings, Savvy Settings now offers a number of interior design services and products which owner Demetrius refers to as “elevated home goods.”  Some of their best sellers are the E-Design service, which provides customers with guidelines to take matters into their own hands with a DIY fashion of styling; the Savvy Makeover, a seven day interior design process requiring a minimum budget of $500; and Chicago Soy Wax Candles a ROAM by 42 Pressed product.

Demetrius states that the mission of Savvy Settings is to “bring awareness to the art of living well and being inspired by your home, on a budget.”  When asked, “What makes your brand uniquely different from others?” Demetrius replied, “Most of the products that we carry have a deeper meaning, they are made by small makers or someone that I’ve established a relationship with due to personal interest of the goods.  I do not purchase large quantities of goods from overseas that were cheaply made to only sell for a quick profit.  I have an attachment to my items.”  To us the difference is evident, Savvy Settings sells both services and home goods which provides a potential customer with a “one stop shop” experience.  A win for both the customer and the brand!

“I tell folks that a well designed home is an essential key to your success!  Your home should motivate you to become more successful (whatever success means to you)!  Live with things that inspire you, if your home doesn’t motivate you, you should consult with an interior designer.”

– Demetrius

After chatting for some time, we asked Demetrius about both his fashion style and his personal home style.  He categorized his fashion style as “luxury street wear” admitting that he mixes both high and low valued items to achieve his many looks.  Demetrius is a frequent shopper at Chicago’s own Jaxx and Debb located in Wicker Park, Forever 21 and Barney’s.  His home style is “West Elm with the feel of Z Gallerie.”  For home décor he shops around between West Elm, CB2 and Crate & Barrel to achieve a modern look with a contemporary flair.  Demetrius states that he is a lover of “texture and layers.”   We also got a chance to ask who his style icon was and his response was “Nas, not because of his rap skills but because of his refined fashion sense and his extensive investment portfolio.  He’s definitely one to follow!”

As we wrapped up the interview we asked Demetrius if he had any words of encouragement for someone who is interested in the interior design industry or entrepreneurship in general.  Demetrius replies “I would encourage others to believe in yourself and your brand when no one else does.  Only you know the route to your final destination.”  He also added, “Don’t be afraid to invest in your brand whether it is a product or service.  Don’t cheat your brand, you’ll be identified as a cheap cheat.”

To stay “in the know” on Demetrius, Savvy Settings and their work, follow their business page on Instagram at SavvySettingsHome and inquire for services and goods on their website, here.

Take a look at some of his work, his style and products below.

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