Curators of Summer: Janice Bond

janice bondMeet Janice Bond

Name:  Janice Bond

Occupation:  Cultural Curator/Artist

Company:  Bond Creative Advisors

Which Chicago neighborhood do you call home?  Hyde Park

Favorite summer event in Chicago:  The Silver Room Block Party

Favorite SummertimeCHI hot spot:  My new favorite spot is Boleo, even though it’s not open to the public yet.  You’ll soon find out why!

Favorite SummertimeCHI memory:  Too many to name. What immediately comes to mind is ringing in my 30th birthday at the Full Moon Fire Jam with a lovely group of friends.


What is it about Chicago that makes you love this city?  Chicago is an incubator city.  A place for creativity and ideas, information sharing, GREAT food, art, music, and innovation.  Within that, I have a priceless, trusted network of great people who are phenomenal at what they do and know how to enjoy life.



Janice Bond is a multidisciplinary curator, strategist, and advisor who specializes in arts and culture development and programming.  Her forward thinking and high energy approach has been utilized over the past decade in a range of initiatives and productions across the globe.  The debut of her company SAVANT | SAVANT (now Bond Creative Advisors) in 2009, began the incalculable journey of leading stellar collectives of great artistic minds and institutions as a consultant.  Janice’s insight has also been an integral part of developing various communications plans for independent artists and “Fortune 100” companies.  From Texas to Tokyo, local art exhibitions and workshops to international music festivals, her continued interest and investments in cultural production stems from her passion for developing more transformative, inclusive, and sustainable creative economies globally.  Her signature workshops for independent artists have been facilitated all over the world, from the Brooklyn Museum to Malaysia.  In the community, she lends her time to multiple organizations and institutions as a gracious speaker, board member, volunteer, and mentor.  From 2013 to 2015, she was appointed and served as Director of Arts and Culture at IMAN with a focus of using art as a tool for social justice and restorative healing on Chicago’s Southwest side and in similar marginalized communities.

As a visual/multimedia artist, her photography, minimalist paintings, installations, and soundscapes are inspired by the multidimensional terrain of human perspectives and identity, sacred geometry, sound frequencies, and indigenous fractal patterns found in various cultures and urban landscapes.  It is this textured and chromatic tapestry of art making and administration that continues to influence and illuminate her each day.

SummertimeCHI and Lyft are proud to have Janice Bond as one of our 2016 Curators of Summer!

Congrats Janice!