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It’s no secret that Chicago is one of the best cities in the world.  Although millions will come to visit, only a few truly represent the city and reflect the true essence of what Chicago is all about. One of the reasons we launched was to shed light on the greatness that exudes from Chicago.  Our mission is to be the ultimate gateway to the Chicago experience, curating unique content that highlights the best that this city has to offer.

Last week we announced our Curators of Summer initiative in partnership with Lyft, and we’re excited to reveal those incredible Chicagoans to everyone.  Over the next few weeks we will be profiling each of our Curators of Summer on the site!  This initiative was created to honor those that embody the SummertimeCHI lifestyle and shine a bright and positive light on our city.  It’s the tastemakers, influencers, and thought leaders of various industries joining forces to celebrate summer in Chicago!

Simply put, we are dedicated to celebrating Chicago and Chicagoans that are doing their part to keep this city great.  Through a series of events, features on the site, and unique experiences SummertimeCHI and Lyft’s selected Curators of Summer will change the narrative and challenge the way you think about this great city.

Meet the 2016 Curators of Summer:

Brooke Mackie

COS - Brooke

Event Producer

cos chicago star

Onasis Stoby

COS - Onasis


cos chicago star

Aram Reed

COS - Aram

Private/Corporate Chef

cos chicago star

Alia Dalal

COS - Alia

Chef/Show Host

cos chicago star

Sophia Jennings

COS - sophia

Personal Chef/Food Entrepreneur

cos chicago star

Nick Hansen

COS - Nick

Men’s Clothier

cos chicago star

Trish Dave

COS - Trish


cos chicago star

Aaron Christmon

COS - Aaron

Celebrity Stylist

cos chicago star

Brandon Williamson

COS - Brandon Will

Clothing Designer/Boutique Owner

cos chicago star

Eva La Feva

COS - Eva


Janice Bond

COS - JAnice

Art Curator

cos chicago star

Joe Anderson

COS - Joe Anderson


cos chicago star

Harmonia Rosales

COS - Harmony


cos chicago star

Gary Green

COS - Gary


cos chicago star

Patrick Welby

COS - Patrick

Music Journalist/Event Producer

cos chicago star

Marcos “Kosine” Palacios

COS - Kosine

Grammy Nominated Music Producer

cos chicago star

Scott Fetters

COS - Scott

Music Industry Professional

cos chicago star

Aja Evans

COS - Aja

Olympic Athlete

cos chicago star

Alicia Samaan

COS - Alicia

TV Personality/Wellness Coach

cos chicago star

Tatiana Kelly

COS - Tot

Content Producer/Blogger