Silent Party @ Promontory

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Silent Party @ Promontory

Three djay’s will spin their favorite mix of songs and genres and you get to select which to listen to throughout the night.  Take matters into your own hands, at Urban Fete’s Silent Party, you are in control of the party and the vibe that you want to experience for the night. The music will be pumping in each dancer’s ears—making it a customizable, connected experience for everyone in attendance.

Silent parties have been taking the youth of the nation by storm. They’re popular in that every attendee can choose which genre of music they prefer, with live DJs spinning each channel. The Silent Party is this Sunday, July 17th at Promontory in Hyde Park!

Must be 21+ with proper ID.

                                                                         The Promontory
                                                5311 South Lake Park Avenue, Chicago, IL 60615
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