Taste Talks

taste talks bbq

Taste Talks is a national series of festivals celebrating the future of taste through symposia, diagnosis tastings, dinners and parties. Taste Talks brings together thought leaders and luminaries from around the world together with everyday food enthusiasts to engage in great conversation, amazing food and one-of-a-kind experiences.  Celebrate a day of discovery and indulgence at Taste Talks All-Star BBQ Presented by Lifeway Foods, a sampling feast that brings together world-renowned chefs making signature dishes outdoors at the beautiful Palmer Square in Chicago on Sunday, October 4.

Curated by chefs Paul Kahan and April Bloomfield, expect to mix and mingle with top chefs and their artist/actor/musician chef-collaborators — like Fergus Henderson, Paul McGee, Jessica Koslow, Nicole Pederson, Abe Conlon, Matt Danko, Ian Chillag and more — while dining on their brilliant, delicious BBQ creations!

Get your tickets today! 12+ dishes for $45! Family friendly!

Source: Flavorwire